This time of year, Life Gets Busy!

In 2 weeks from now, I will have graduated from high school, and I will be gearing up to start work full time tomorrow. But for now, I am staying very busy in school and extra-curricular activities. For example, I have just finished a huge project for one of my classes, and will start on studying for a test tomorrow, as well as start on a paper that is due next Friday. I will also be trying to catch up in an independent-study class that I am in, and have *shock* somehow gotten behind in.

Today is Sunday – the Lord’s Day. However, I don’t feel like my relationship with Him is very strong right now. Have you ever noticed that the more busy you become, the less time you find yourself willing to take to spend with Him? I have, and it annoys me. I want to spend time with Him, and I want to feel less stressed. Perhaps I could be making better use of my time right now, rather than make a post on this blog …

Perhaps I could think through what I really want in life, and spend time with my God, who sustains me, and provides for me, no matter what.

With that said, I’m out!


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