Mid-Semester Update

Hello, Friends!
I am currently in the middle of my senior year at Covenant College as a community development major. This fall, I am writing my Senior Integration Paper (SIP) which is basically a senior thesis paper that every Covenant College senior is required to write for their major.

I am writing my SIP as a Case Study of a community that I lived in for 3 weeks this past summer when I spent 12 weeks in the Philippines. The beginning of my SIP is a literature review that will be about 15 pages long introducing the concept of poverty, and some different approaches to combating poverty, and then summarizing what I believe the appropriate response should be.

Having now lived overseas for more than a couple weeks, and having travelled by myself, I can say that it was a very enjoyable, rich and memorable experience. I feel that I learned a lot. I feel that as a result of working there this past summer, the Lord helped me realize that working overseas is definitely something I would enjoy doing. At the same time, I believe that I also realized that working in America is something I would definitely love to do. So I feel that the Lord has opened 1,000 doors, and I am now supposed to find which door to go through. This is an exciting time in my life right now.

One thing that I am seriously thinking about is starting up my own business that will be based in the States. I am not sure if you are aware, but I am interested in a lot of “computer” related things, have worked for my college’s Technology Services department, and have done a lot of computer technical support jobs for various people. I am thinking about launching a full time business that will be an IT Consulting and Technology Support firm with the target market being churches and non-profit organizations (especially community development organizations).

I actually already have my own business, Smooth Stone Services, that I have run on a very part-time basis since high school. My website is http://www.smoothstoneservices.com. I am currently writing a business plan as if I am I am going to do this, and perhaps launch this venture a year or two after I graduate this coming May.

However, I am still not sure if this is something I want to go through with, because I know that community development work really interests me. Something that I have thought about doing is part of the year running the business, and spending part of the year overseas or doing community development work. Maybe I could even do IT consulting jobs overseas with my business! Who knows?! Only time and the Lord’s leading will tell.


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