“DNS Changer” to break Internet for Millions on Monday

As a server administrator and technical support specialist dealing with both Microsoft Windows and Linux (another “operating system” that isn’t Windows), I wanted to write this post to remind everyone that Internet will break for millions of people on July 9.

Tens of millions of people were affected by a virus dubbed “DNS Changer.” When the FBI got involved and took control of the DNS Changer servers (which tens of millions of people were unwittingly using to use the internet), they decided not to shut down the servers immediately in order to give people time to clean up their computers. Instead, they converted the rogue servers into safe & fully functional DNS servers. Here’s a recent article by MSNBC on the subject: http://www.technolog.msnbc.msn.com/technology/technolog/last-call-wipe-dnschanger-internet-doomsday-854340

To check and see if you are affected, you can visit http://www.dns-ok.us/.

If your internet breaks on Monday, then this is likely the cause. You should run an antivirus program (such as Kaspersky, Spybot Search & Destroy, and/or Malwarebytes among other good anti-virus programs).

DNS stands for “Domain Name System”. It is important to you (although you don’t know it). The way it works is that it links “names” to addresses. Think of it like this:
My name is David. I live at 1111 Address Lane. You try to send a letter to “David” but you don’t include the address. The mail man has no idea where I live based solely on “David”.

DNS allows you to type a name (like www.google.com or www.facebook.com) into your Web Browser, and be routed to the proper website automatically without you having to memorize the actual address.

Confused or don’t know what to do? Need help with this or other technical problems?
Feel free to contact me, especially if you’re in the Chattanooga TN area! Or, visit https://barredowlweb.com.


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