And I’m Off….

So I’m sitting in the Greenville / Spartanburg Airport right now getting ready to board onto my first flight of the journey. I am really excited to be going to the Philippines – finally. With passport tucked under my shirt and boarding pass in hand, I am now officially ready to go. I passed security with no problems! 🙂

I will fly from Greenville to Chicago/O’Hare. Then I will have 40 minutes to catch my 12-hour flight from O’Hare to Tokyo, where I will then have approximately a 3-hour layover. From Tokyo, I will fly to Manila. Including layovers, I’m looking at a travel time of about 22 hours. I’ll try not to fall asleep in Tokyo and miss my flight to Manila. When I get to Manila around 10:00pm (Philippine Time), I will be met by my Internship Coordinator, Katie, who works for Food for the Hungry.

As for things to do on the flight, I printed off some Sudoku puzzles as well as a NY-Times Crossword puzzle. Those will keep me preoccupied hopefully for a little bit. If not, then, well, I have my Louis L’amore book to read. Gotta love those westerns.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. I truly appreciate it. Please pray for a safe journey, and please pray that Jet-Lag won’t be too big of a deal. It’s a 12-hour difference from home in the Philippines!

– David


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