Oppose the FCC’s Recent, Terrible, Decision: An Open Letter to Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker

I sent the following letter to Senators Alexander and Corker this morning (4/25/2014) through their respective Contact pages, and wanted to share it with the public.

Senators Alexander & Corker,
My name is David White, and I am an IT professional in Chattanooga. I am the Founder of Barred Owl Web, an IT consulting firm that helps nonprofits.

In 2012, I sent you an open letter I also published on my blog in opposition to SOPA.

Today, I’m writing with my opposition to the recent FCC announcement. The FCC’s decision to back an “Internet Fast Lane” is wrong and not only harmful to consumers, but also harmful to small businesses and nonprofit organizations, including our clients. As I described in a Press Release issued through Barred Owl Web yesterday (https://barredowlweb.com/2014/04/24/fcc-decision-to-back-internet-fast-lane-is-wrong/), the very act of creating a “fast lane” will, by default, slow down other websites. Internet users are very finicky, and the slightest delay of a website will directly correlate to an increased “bounce rate” and a reduction of website engagement. Nonprofit organizations will lose access valuable donations, and small businesses will lose clients.

Please do whatever is possible to influence the FCC’s recent terrible decision.

David White

Founder & CEO of Barred Owl Web, LLC


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